Gospel Teams

AFLBS Gospel Teams exist to encourage congregations, to point people to Jesus Christ, and to provide a connection between AFLBS and the congregations.

On many weekends throughout the school-year, teams travel to churches (both local and distant) to share the message of the gospel through music, give testimonies of God’s work at Bible School, teach children the truth through drama and puppets, and build relationships with people and families.

Meet Our Teams

We have several gospel teams of dedicated students ready to serve you! If you would like one of these teams to visit your church or event, find the Gospel Teams Request form below.

Worship Team

Worship Team

(Left to Right) Bjorn Grahn, Jacob Bierle, Julia Aamot, Jordan Frandle, Emily Collins, Grant Jones, Peter Wunderlich


(Left to Right) Micah Moan, Taylor Helland, Micah Blake, Ignacio Davalos, Jordan Fernandez

Women's Trio

Women’s Trio

(Left to Right) Joanna Erickson, Amy Kyllo, Grace Dryburgh, Kristina Korhonen

Puppet Team

Puppet Team

(Left to Right) Sarah Duffy, Matthew Moore, Elisabeth Borg, Tehya Craig, AJ Watland, Benjamin Smith, Rachel Borg

Nursing Home Team

Nursing Home

(Left to Right) Derick Perry, Kalei Kerby, Mia Estwick, Ashley Feist, Allison Groleske, Lenaya Kvale, Carley Washburn, Felix Nyangau, Francis Saenz, Adam Anderson


(Left to Right) Jacob Berntson, Solveig Twedt, Breanna McNear, Miah Johnson, Cristian Dahl

Men's Quartet

Men’s Quartet

(Left to Right) Josiah Quanbeck, Benjamin Dryburgh, Michael Olson, Nathan Crellin



(Left to Right) Bobbi Jo Alverson, Hayley Shepard, Mikah Olson, Greta Eder, Brett Erickson, Janessa Braun, Luther Zeltinger, Alisabeth Boyum, Mathew Smith, Julia Albright, Jack Jordan, Alison Mundfrom, Maggie Lewandowski

Request a Team

Fill out the Gospel Team Request Form if you’d like to have a Gospel Team come to your home church! You may also call our office with any questions/requests (763.544.9501).

We will quit accepting requests as of February 1 for the 2019-2020 school year. Requests submitted in December may not be received by students until mid-January due to finals and break. Because weekends towards the end of the year fill quickly with Choir Tours, Easter break, and other events, please submit all requests as soon as possible. The earlier requests are submitted, the better. Although every attempt will be made to fulfill your request, with busy student schedules and several requests for the same weekends, we are unable to guarantee that a team will be available.

Gospel Team Request