Scholarship Opportunities

There are several different types of scholarships incoming and current AFLBS students can apply for each year: Academic, Financial Aid, Music, Leadership Development, Family in Ministry, and Future Ministry Scholarships. Students can apply for more than one of these scholarship categories. Please read through the requirements and descriptions of these scholarships and apply for those you are interested/qualified in receiving. All applicants must fill out the first portion of this application. Please note that the number and amounts of scholarships listed below are subject to change, based on funding availability and the number of qualified applicants.

International Students: International student aid is separate from the scholarship opportunities listed below. International students should fill out the International Student Scholarship Application below. Contact the International Student Coordinator at for questions about International Student Aid.

Scholarship Deadlines

First deadline: January 15 (applicants will be notified by Feb. 15)
Second Deadline: April 1 (applicants will be notified by May 1)
Late applicants (need-based only): July 15 (applicants will be notified by August 1)
Returning Student Deadline: April 1 (applicants will be notified by May 1)

Please note – after the April 1 scholarship application deadline, only Financial Aid scholarships are available.

All recommendation forms and transcripts must be received by the time of the application deadline. You must be an accepted student at AFLBS to be considered for scholarships. You may submit the scholarship application at any time, but it will not be reviewed until you have been accepted.

Academic Scholarship

AFLBS offers several academic scholarships to students with high academic achievement. Students may apply for three different categories of academic scholarships:

  1. President’s Scholarship – up to $2500
  2. Academic Merit Scholarship – up to $1500
  3. Academic Scholarship – up to $1000

Applying for an academic scholarship requires:

  • GPA of 3.5 or above
  • Copy of most recent transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • Copy of ACT Score (if available)
  • Submit a 1-2 paragraph essay on why you think you deserve an academic scholarship

Upload documents on the application form or mail them to the following address:

Attn: Scholarships
3134 East Medicine Lake Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441

The academic scholarship can be forfeited if your GPA drops below 3.5 during your Fall and/or Spring Semester at AFLBS. An official transcript must be received before the beginning of the school year to verify your GPA (1st year students only). Academic scholarships are not automatically renewable to the next year. Students must reapply for an academic scholarship for their second year. 

Financial Aid Scholarship

Financial Aid scholarships are available at AFLBS, which are primarily based on the financial situation of the applicants. Character is also taken into consideration.

To apply for financial aid, please make sure you fill out the Financial Aid section of the scholarship application. Please note that financial need scholarships are not automatically renewable into your second year. Students must reapply in order to be considered for Financial Need Scholarships for their second year.

Music Scholarship

AFLBS has a strong tradition of musical excellence and great participation among students in choirs and music ensembles. AFLBS offers music scholarships of $1000 per year to talented music students, four to first year students and four to second year students. This scholarship is renewable, based on the recipients continued contribution and involvement to music ensembles at AFLBS.

Music Scholarship Requirements

Students are asked to submit an audio CD or an MP3 file recording. Recordings must be of high quality and unedited. They must also be labeled with the student’s name, address, telephone number, the composers and titles of the selections, and the date of the recording. In addition to the recording, students must complete the AFLBS Music Scholarship questions on the scholarship application form and one letter of recommendation, written by someone who can comment on your musical abilities and contributions. Audition materials must be postmarked by January 15 for the first deadline or April 1 for the second deadline. Finalists may be asked to audition in person on campus or to submit a video recording of their music.

Upload documents and recording file on the application form or mail them to the following address:

Attn: Music Scholarship
3134 East Medicine Lake Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441

Electronic music files can also be submitted to, using dropbox.

All recordings and materials will be reviewed by members of the AFLBS music faculty. Students selected as music scholarship finalists may be invited to campus for a performance audition and interview.

Students may audition on more than one instrument.  Please fill out a separate AFLBS Application for Music Scholarship form and include a separate CD or MP3 file for each recording.

Audition Recording Requirements:

Piano – Two compositions or movements in contrasting styles (approx. 10 minutes total length)
Organ – A Prelude and Fugue by Bach and a hymn
Voice – Two songs or arias in contrasting styles (approx. 7 minutes total length), a major and minor scale
Woodwinds – Two contrasting compositions (approx. 5 minutes in total length), a chromatic scale ascending and descending, full range of the instrument.
Brass – Two compositions in contrasting styles, or one longer composition with contrasting movements (approx. 5 minutes in length), two major scales ascending and descending.
Strings – Two compositions in movements in contrasting styles. One may be an etude that shows the level of your technical development. Two major scales ascending and descending.
Guitar – Two compositions or movements in contrasting styles
Percussion – A prepared solo on snare drum, timpani, or mallet percussion instrument.  Demonstrate six of the 26 American Snare Drum Rudiments

Leadership Development Award

AFLBS seeks to equip spiritual leaders for this generation and the next. Applicants who have had significant leadership involvement in their school, church, or community can potentially receive $500 per year.

Leadership Development Award Requirements:

Students must submit a 250-400 word essay about their leadership involvement and service. Students should include any leadership positions held in student groups, youth group, ministries, leadership displayed in volunteer work, and any missions trips they have taken. Students must also include a letter of recommendation from a supervisor or advisor who has overseen them in a leadership role.

Upload documents on the application form or mail them to the following address:

Attn: Scholarships
3134 East Medicine Lake Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441

Future Ministry Scholarship

AFLBS desires to encourage students who sense a call to serve God in full-time ministry. There are scholarships of $500 per year awarded to certain students who intend to go into full-time ministry, such as pastoral ministry, youth or children’s ministry, missions work, etc.

Future Ministry Scholarship Requirements:

Students applying for the Future Ministry Scholarship must submit a 300-400 word essay describing their call to full-time ministry, their ministry desires, their goals for future ministry, and explain how their AFLBS education will/is training and preparing them for such ministry. Students must also submit a letter from a pastor or ministry leader who can recommend them for this scholarship.

Upload documents on the application form or mail them to the following address:

Attn: Scholarships
3134 East Medicine Lake Blvd.
Plymouth, MN 55441

Family in Ministry Scholarship

AFLBS offers $250 per year to students who have a parent who serves in full-time vocational ministry, such as pastoral ministry, youth or children’s ministry, missionaries, or other ministry roles.

To apply for this scholarship, students must answer the corresponding questions on the main scholarship application form, indicating which parent is involved in ministry, the name of the church, ministry, or organization, and their position title.