Transferring AFLBS Credits

Transferring AFLBS credits to a four-year college or university can save students significant time and money. AFLBS grads have gone on to attend colleges with pre-arranged AFLBS transfer agreements, such as the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Crown College, or Oak Hills Christian College in Bemidji, MN. Other graduates have successfully transferred credits to places like Wheaton College, Liberty University, and Patrick Henry College.

There are many schools that accept AFLBS credits. A student who graduates from AFLBS can often transfer up to 60 credits toward a degree plan.

Michelle, a recent AFLBS grad, pursued a teaching degree after graduating from Bible school, and tranferred her credits to Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota. She wants all current and future Bible school students to know about the potential of transferring credits to other schools.

“It gives an awesome option to take the time to learn God’s Word and still get done with school in a timely manner,” Michelle said. “It allows students to take two years at AFLBS to solely focus on God and His Word.”

Where AFLBS Credits Transfer

Cooperative transfer agreements are in place with the following colleges and universities:

In addition to the cooperative agreements listed above, many AFLBS alumni have successfully transferred credits to the following colleges and universities in the past few years:

Numerous other Bible colleges accredited by TRACS and ABHE will potentially accept credits into their program, given AFLBS’s connection with those institutions.

What transferring AFLBS credits might look like

The amount of time it takes to earn a degree after attending AFLBS depends on the type of degree a student pursues. The chart below displays the approximate amount of time it takes to finish a degree when transferring two years of AFLBS credits to a given institution and degree program.

AFLBS + Crown College2 yrs or less1.5 - 2 yrs2.5 - 3.5 yrs3 - 3.5 yrs4 - 4.5 yrs
AFLBS + UNWSP2 yrs or less1.5 - 2 yrs2.5 - 3.5 yrs3 - 3.5 yrs4 - 4.5 yrs
 HumanitiesChristian StudiesOrganizational Leadership
AFLBS + John Witherspoon2 yrs2 yrs2 yrs
 General MinistryChristian Ethics & CultureMissionsBiblical CounselingPastoral
AFLBS + Montana College2 - 2.5 yrs2 - 2.5 yrs2 - 2.5 yrs2 - 2.5 yrs3 yrs