What can you do after AFLBS?

You can go anywhere. Grounded in God’s Word.

There is nothing more practical for Christian life than a solid understanding of the Bible. Attacks come every day from the secular world. After AFLBS, you’ll be equipped for future schooling and your career. Whether you become a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a mechanic, establishing God’s Word as your foundation is the best preparation for your life as a Christian.

AFLBS alumni can be found all around the United States and even around the world. Being grounded in God’s Word provides a foundation for any career or calling. On the page below, hear first-hand from alumni what impact two years of Bible school can do for your life.

Alumni Examples


Registered Nurse

Olivia Johnson

B.S. Nursing – North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND (completed 4 years after AFLBS)

AFLBS gave me time to grow up and learn to live life more independently before jumping into college at a large university. I received many comments from professors on how they could tell I was more mature than my classmates in how I handled the stress of nursing school. I think AFLBS helped prepare me for the “real world,” as colleges are full of temptations and the real dirt of this world. I am afraid to think how easily swayed I may have been had I not attended AFLBS for those two faith-forming years.

Web Developer

Benjamin Dahl – Camarillo, California

B.S. Business Management Information Systems: Web Development – Liberty University, Lynchberg, VA

AFLBS was a place for me to figure out who I was and what I believed in before going into college and the workplace. AFLBS has given me a Christian worldview and an understanding of scripture that has served as a foundation for my work ethic and my witness to others.


Loan Administration Supervisor

Steven Quanbeck

B.S. History – University of Northwestern, Saint Paul, MN (completed 2 years after AFLBS)

AFLBS was where my faith became much more real and personal. The knowledge I gained at Bible School was great. It was the application of the truths of the Bible that has shaped me into the man I am today. God used the people at Bible school (both students and faculty) to strengthen my faith and give me confidence in the Lord. My time at AFLBS encouraged me to go into any vocation with a ministry mindset – to reach out to those around me with the gospel whether at work or at home.

Library Director

Esther Moberg – Oregon

B.S – Northwestern, Saint Paul, MN

M.A. Emporia State University, Kansas

AFLBS was the place I learned how to filter life through a Christian lens. Many of my friends from AFLBS will continue to be my friends for life. Having a core group of people who share similar values and who truly care about me paired with the solid groundwork of spiritual and biblical development from AFLBS has been crucial for me as I go through life in secular settings.


Translation Advisor

Ruthie (Lee) Wagner – Sierra Leone, West Africa

B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies – University of Northwestern, Saint Paul, MN (completed 2 years after AFLBS)

M.A. Linguistics – Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, TX

AFLBS built on the foundation my parents gave me, preparing me for college, career, and adulthood. It gave me two years of fellowship and training with like-minded believers, protecting me through a vulnerable period of life and education. It gave me a safe place to learn how to get a job and pay for schooling. The Lord used that time to prepare my heart and mind for the work he has for me today. AFLBS helped shape the values my husband and I now instill in our children. I was introduced to the work of Bible translation at AFLBS, and I thank God for the incredible privilege to work in this field.

Certified Financial Planner

Mark Presteng – Grafton, ND

B.A. Social Studies Secondary Education – University of Minnesota Morris (completed 3 years after AFLBS)

I would not trade my two years at AFLBS for anything. I love my wife, family, community and career now, but without those foundational years and friendships in the time spent I don’t believe I would be the same today.


Associate Pastor

Daniel Hurner – Dalton, MN

B.S. Youth Ministry – Crown College, Saint Bonifacius, MN (completed 2 years after AFLBS)

Master of Divinity – Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary

When I left high school, I thought for sure I was going to be a high school teacher. Through the course work, the fellowship, and outreach opportunities, God used my time at AFLBS to push me in the direction of working in full-time ministry. Not a day goes by that I regret my decision to pursue youth ministry as a career.

Accounts Payable Specialist

Aaron Johnson – Maple Grove, MN

B.S. Business Administration – Crown College, Saint Bonifacius, MN (Completed 3 years after AFLBS)

There are too many ways to count for how AFLBS has impacted my life. The Biblical training and grounding that I received have been so valuable to me. There are so many lies and temptations that we face each  day and AFLBS helped ground me in my faith to fight those lies and temptations. When I add the time it took me to finish my degree after AFLBS, it didn’t take me much longer than it would have if I had gone straight to college from high school. It might have taken me an extra year to finish my degree, but when I think about what I gained in my 2 years at AFLBS I wouldn’t change a thing.



Travis Adrian – Binford, ND

A.A. Sales and Marketing – Northwest Technical College, Moorhead, MN (completed 2.5 years after AFLBS)

When I went to Bible School, I was a new believer. Being at AFLBS helped me develop relationships with other Christians and gave me the basis to grow in my relationship with Christ, which gave me a solid foundation for my career as a farmer. I rarely see my AFLBS friends now, but we will always have a bond because of our experiences together at Bible school.